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About Us

The inception of Mimanso Group is a result of sincere and genuine concern by a team of technocrats for the environment, scarcity of essential resources and thereby massive problems plaguing every individual. Mimanso Group was formed with a motive of involving wider sections of the society in Research & Development to find solution to the various problems arising out of the scarcity of essential resources.

All that we have achieved are just simple milestones in the long journey that we have set out to travel. We hope, with the support of one and all, we should be able to contribute substantially to the society and the country. We have identified key issues and their solutions in the field of Environment, Power, Water, Gas, Health Care and Agriculture. We, in the days to come, are planning to come out with more sector specific solutions.

The exciting journey has just begun. We are also planning, in the days to come, to encourage the research and development in every field that matters. The young mind has a huge potential and all that we need to do is to provide proper infrastructure and a perfect launching pad.

We strongly feel that the standard of living of the Asia Pacific region and the society can be changed by well implemented TechKnowBank. We understand from our past experience that Rural Population has a huge potential. Many sparkling ideas have died its own death due to lack of proper support. Many such ideas have been stolen and exploited by some greedy and unethical business people.

Mimanso Group is a mission rather than just a business venture. We hope, with the help and encouragement from every walk of life, to bring in a small change in Asian Society.